Hybrid Adapter



Anatolian Hybrid Adapter :

Hybrid adapter for use instead of top cap and set flush the atomiser to your tube directly. This decrease voltage drop too out of visuality.

The most versatile 510 to M20 x 1 adapter on the market. With an adjustment range of 5 mm (1 mm min. to 5 mm max adjustment). This is a multi piece unit, all optional adjustment pins and cups are directly attached and threaded on your 510 device. Made from brass and SS. Adjustments are made with two threaded cups that have a large diameter for more thread contact surface area. These work for either flat top or button top batteries. These parts are machined to very tight tolerances with smooth finished super fine threads that will allow infinite fine adjustments. Each revolution will increase or reduce the length of your adapter by 0.5mm. Fine threads create more contact surface area and help reduce resistance in the adapter.  1x M20 x 1mm threaded negative contact ring (silver plated brass)

Includes :

1x 510 threaded m7 delrin insulator, inside m5 threads

1x M5x5mm Threaded Positive contact cup ( 5mm +/- height,variation depends on 510 center post height on your device) (silver plated brass)

1x M3 x 4mm  screw (used for adjustments ) (silver plated brass)



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